My name is Tom (Fitz) Fitzpatrick. I have over 30 years experience shooting competition matches. I have furthered my tactical skills at several different top notch schools across America, including Tactical Response in Tennessee. I have taken a course on options for personal security in Florida as well as Storm Mountain Training Center in West Virginia.

I have been conducting CCW certification classes for the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and Florida for 5 years. I have been hunting most of my life and practicing safe gun handling skills my whole life. My motto is “It is a life style”, my family is involved and they practice safety every time they hold a gun. My children participate and shoot sanctioned matches safely. I really like working with women and children on improving their shooting skills and eventually continuing to complete the concealed carry course.

I am a Nebraska Certified CCW instructor and I am listed on the Nebraska State Patrol web page. I am also a certified N.R.A. Pistol Instructor.

We are a home for the Toys For Tots CCW classes. It is an annual event for the UnitedStates Marine Corps Toys For Tots program. We give back to our community one toy at a time.

Hunter Firearms Training


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